Annie Hjort

Fire - Water - Ice. Eat on a work of art. Plates, ice flakes and seaweed / snack holders - are part of my artwork series, which reflects the elements of fire, water and ice. As a contrast to the North Pole ice flakes, we have a lasting version, flat and edged, suitable for serving small simple dishes. Maybe a couple of blue mussels, an oyster, sushi, chocolate or fruit. Past and future meet when serving pliers in a small holder inspired by ice flakes. The ice flap with pocket is mounted in a foot of thousands of years old granite. All parts are unique despite the common features - just like ourselves. You can choose colors, shapes and sizes according to your taste. I see it as a challenge to make some of my works useful, and therefore - in cooperation with the chef at Aros Food Hall - have developed an iceflags holder.

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